Introducing the KOLLTER RS1: Redefining Electric Motorcycles

Electric motorcycles aren’t just a vision of the future, they’re shaping our present with unparalleled technology and unmatched power. Today, they not only rival ICE bikes in performance but often surpass them. Yet, a persistent misconception lingers – the belief that high-quality electric motorcycles are hugely overpriced, and affordable ones compromise on quality.

One of the key players in the electric motorcycle market, Kollter, is pushing the boundaries with their state-of-the-art designs and innovative features. Founded in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2017, they introduced their first 100% electric dual-sport bike, the ES1X, the very next year.  The subsequent releases of the ES1Pro, CS1, and the TS further cemented their reputation. But the masterwork in their lineup is the RS1, a highway winner with its lightening acceleration. Launched in 2023, this engineering marvel has finally landed in Canada. Be among the first to experience its unveiling at the Fully Charged electric show in Vancouver, spanning September 8th to 10th.

Revolutionizing the Ride

Breaking ground in the Canadian market, the KOLLTER RS1 emerges as a full-sized electric motorcycle, designed for urban, suburban, and highway cruising. Bolstering a top speed of 140 km/h (90 mph) this powerhouse is equivalent to a 400cc ICE motorcycle, matching and often exceeding the speed of its fossil-fueled counterparts. In a breathtaking display of acceleration, the RS1’s 47 HP motor propels it from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 4.5 seconds, thanks to instant torque and gearless transmission.

Unmatched Range and Charging Flexibility

Bridging the gap between city commutes and suburban adventures, the RS1 flaunts an urban range of up to 200 km on a single charge. Should your journey intertwine with highways, fear not – the combined range stands strong at 150 km. Outperforming contenders like the Zero FXE, the RS1 boasts an impressive 8.6 kWh battery capacity, harmoniously integrated with a J1772 charging port. Effortlessly refuel at public charging stations or conveniently recharge at home through a standard wall outlet.

Elegance in Motion

Silently maneuvering through the streets, the RS1’s high-torque motor drives the rear wheel via patented silent chain drive.

The bike’s ride quality is enhanced by inverted adjustable front shocks and a rear mono-shock suspension, bolstering a seamless journey, backed by a hydraulic dual front disc and rear brakes with an electronic ABS brake system.

Empowering Information at Your Fingertips

Boasting a vibrant 7-inch touch LCD display, the RS1 ensures riders have immediate access to crucial data, including real-time temperatures of key components like the motor, battery, and controller. Its smart algorithm learns from past journeys and adapts to your riding style to provide accurate range estimates. Navigate through multiple features with a simple touch on the display. Plus, seamlessly connect to the controller via a dedicated smartphone application, allowing you to customize settings for speed, range, and acceleration.

Unbelievable Performance, Unbeatable Price

Although the RS1’s motor power matches that of a 350-400cc gas motorcycle, it rivals the acceleration of a 1000cc gasoline motorcycle, thanks to the instant torque from its electric motor. What’s even more surprising is its affordable price tag. Introduced at just $9,950 USD (equivalent to $13,500 CAD during its exclusive Canadian unveiling), the RS1 blends breathtaking performance with value, challenging the idea that top-tier electric motorcycles must be prohibitively expensive. Experience the evolution firsthand on September 8th at the Fully Charged Live show in Vancouver.

Join the Revolution

Embrace the future of motorcycling with the KOLLTER RS1. With its unmatched blend of performance, range, and value, this game-changing electric motorcycle stands poised to redefine your ride. Experience the RS1 and witness the transformation of two-wheeled transportation. Your journey to electric exhilaration begins now.


About Jule Motorcycles:

Joule Motorcycles, a branch of Greenwit Technologies Inc., has its roots in the two-decade triumph of their Motorino Electric brand. Leveraging their rich engineering expertise and recognizing the surging demand for EVs, Joule offers a varied selection of electric two and three-wheeled vehicles tailored for the Canadian market. They are dedicated to serving the diverse needs of Canadian riders and businesses, encompassing urban and highway commuters as well as off-road enthusiasts. Furthermore, Joule holds the esteemed position of being the official Canadian distributor for leading brands such as Super Soco, Horwin, Kollter, Caofen, Tromox, and beyond.


About Kollter:

Established in Frankfurt, Germany in 2017, Tinbot Technology GmbH stands as a company specializing in the creation of premium electric motorcycles and other exceptional electric vehicles. Operating under the KOLLTER brand within North America, their commitment to innovation and excellence has earned them a remarkable presence in the market. In 2019 Kollter introduced their dual sport ES1PRO model, sold today in more than 30 countries globally.

In 2022 at the prestigious EICMA motorcycle show in Milan Kollter unveiled its full-size RS1 motorcycle, boasting a top speed of 90 miles per hour, designed with the urban and suburban commuter in mind.

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