Joule Motorcycles is the official Canadian importer and distributor for Super Soco, Kollter, Horwin, Caofen and Tromox electric road legal and off-road motorcycles. 


Highway Motorcycles

Classified under Open Motorcycle category with speed higher 70Kmh. Same licensing requirements and road regulations apply as for over 50cc motorcycles.

Limited Speed Motorcycles

Classified as Limited Speed Motorcycle (LSM) in Canada with max speed of 70kmh.

Same licensing requirements and road regulations apply for it as for 49CC motorcycles.

Off-road Motorcycles

No license is required unless the model is a dual-sport motorcycle.

Latest News

Reviewed – Super Soco TC Max

June 29, 2023

So often when you speak to an experienced motorcyclist about electric motorcycles they’ll trot out a well used phrase like ‘it’s coming’ or ‘it’s the future’ when the reality is that they are very much already here. Sure, most bikers aren’t chopping in their BMWs and Fireblades for Energicas and Zeros just yet, but electric […]

20 years business anniversary and Joule Motorcycles Grand opening

April 18, 2023

You are invited to celebrate together our 20th Business Anniversary And the Grand Opening of our new Burnaby showroom JOULE MOTORCYCLES WHERE: 5491 Regent St, Burnaby, BC WHEN: April 22nd, Saturday at 1PM  

Unleash your Wild Side

Unleash your Wild Side with Joule Dirt Bikes

March 2, 2023

Visit us at the Vancouver Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show March 4th and 5th at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Make sure to stop at BOOTH 1014. Joule Motorcycles will present Off-Road and Dual Sport bikes from established brands like Kollter, Tromox, Caofen, E-Time, Super Soco and more. Hope to see you there!

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