Caofen is the first enduro electric dirt bike that introduced a solution for durability of its battery. As you are aware, the battery of the dirt bike is the one subjected to the highest abuse because of the high-power demand. This generates heat which is the slow killer of the Lithium batteries. Caofen implemented high discharge rate batteries, but also submerged them in dielectric fluid that constantly cools them. Another advantage are two safety features usually available for high end motorcycles. There is an electronic ABS brake system that can be engaged and disengaged by a switch. The same applies for the regenerative braking system. And that’s not all. With its 72V/48AH battery this bike is capable to a range of  up to 200km.

Q: Why Caofen F80L is better than Surron LBx?
A: Bigger battery, more powerful motor, motorcycle grade front, rear suspension and brakes plus ABS, while sur-ron uses bicycle parts.


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Caofen F80L Off-Road E-Bike Review

The Caofen F80L Off-Road e-bike is an exceptional off-road bike that is built to withstand the test of time. Boasting an AlMg alloy frame construction, a high charge and discharge rate battery, and an 8KW motor, this bike is engineered to conquer the toughest terrains and climates. Caofen F80 sets itself apart from other manufacturers with two innovations – liquid cooled battery and one-piece alloy chassis.


The Caofen F80L features a meticulously designed frame that follows the monocoque principle, completely eliminating welding. All components are securely enclosed within its lightweight magnesium-aluminum alloy construction.

With a weight of only 5kg, this frame utilizes an alloy that is 33% lighter than aluminum and 25% stronger than aluminum. One of the greatest advantages of magnesium alloys is their remarkable fatigue strength, enabling them to endure repeated stress without compromising integrity. This makes magnesium alloys an optimal choice for building structures exposed to frequent stress.


The Caofen F80L features 72V/48AH battery with total capacity of 3.5KWH. This capacity ensures a range of 80 to 120 km depending at which power setting the bike is used. The longevity of lithium-ion batteries greatly depends on the management of excessive heat. The Caofen F80L distinguishes itself as the first electric dirt bike to feature a patented immersion cooling battery system. This innovative design equalizes the temperature of the battery cells, efficiently distributing it to the magnesium-aluminum shell  which dissipates the heat. As a result, overheating at critical points is prevented, and the inclusion of fire retardant liquid within virtually eliminates any risk o4f fire or explosion. The F80L features 72V 30AH LiFe PO 4 battery which has the longest life and lowest self-discharge from all Li-Ion batteries

The advanced cooling and heat distribution system enables riders to tackle extreme temperature variations, ranging from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius. Additionally, this battery can be charged regularly using a fast charger without compromising its lifespan, with a charging time of only 2 hours from a 15-amp socket.


The Caofen F80L is equipped with a sophisticated control system that empowers riders to enable or disable a variety of functions. The bike features three settings, allowing users to maximize torque, speed, or range based on their preferences. Furthermore, an efficient regenerative brake system can extend range by 12%, though it can be disabled at any time. The display shows Current speed, Total mileage, Error codes, Real time output current, Battery State of Charge, trip distance and remaining distance.

Brake kill switches can also be independently disabled, granting riders the freedom to utilize each wheel’s brakes without affecting the motor. As an additional security measure, an electronic actuator system locks the handlebar when the bike is not in use.


The Caofen F80L motor is designed with an axial flux winding that delivers impressive torque at low RPM which eliminates the need for two stage gear reduction. This design simplifies the transmission system while increasing overall efficiency. The gear ratio of both the front and rear sprockets enables a top speed of 85 km/h, but 13-tooth sprockets are also available to enhance torque by 13%.

Overall, the Caofen F80L Off-Road e-bike excels in durability, performance, and cutting-edge features. Its AlMg alloy frame, innovative battery cooling system, customizable electronic controls, and efficient motor and transmission make it an exceptional choice for riders seeking a reliable and thrilling off-road experience.






Axial flux center motor 8KW peak power

Motor Controller:

External FOC with dynamic vector control algorithm for speed/torque

Max Torque:

260 Nm


Battery Pack:

3,460 WH Lithium-Ion battery pack

Max Range:

150 km (30 km/h, no stops)

Power System Protection:

170A resettable circuit breaker, low-voltage cut-out (by controller), Battery protected by BMS

Charging time and charger:

3 Hrs with fast charger iP68 water proofed

12V Subsystem Converter:

DC/DC 72V<12V 10A

User-removable Battery:

5min exchange time

USB Charging Port:

Yes, 2A USB port

Brakes Hydraulic CBS and electronic ABS:

Front brake – Right Lever – activates Racer type 240mm
Rear brake – activates 180mm rear disk only


Electric Brakes:

Regenerative, acting on rear wheel, triggered by front or rear brake actuation

Front Suspension:

Inverted 700mmX35mm twin internal hydraulic shocks with 200mm travel distance

Rear Suspension:

Adjustable trailing arm over spring/hydraulic shock

Front / Rear Tire:

2.5-19 / 2.75-18



Exoskeleton Aluminum-magnesium alloy

Foot rests:



Padded, double place, 76cm (30”) above ground


LCD display Current speed, Total mileage, Error codes, Real time output current, Battery State of Charge, trip distance and remaining distance, Ambient temperature and current time.

Safety Equipment:

Electronic ABS brake system
Regenerative Brake system
Head light, horn and kickstand switch


Keyless start, Built-in vibration sensitive alarm system with two remote controls
Automatic steering wheel lock


Top Speed:



40 degree (89%) slope


Weight (including Battery Pack):

72.5kg (160lb)

Battery weight:

27kg (60lb)


1300mm (51”)

Seat height:

815mm (30”)

Bike size:

1950×785× 1070mm

Maximum Payload Capacity, Including Rider(s):

100 kg (220Lb)



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