Tinbot Double Duty Motorbike Arrives to Canada

VANCOUVER, BCAug. 5, 2021 /CNW/ – Tinbot is an electric motorcycle designed in Germany. When it first rolled out in 2020, (known as Kollter in Europe, and Artisan in the UK)  it took the European market by storm. They are now available in Canada in two versions.

No Motorcycle Licence? No Problem!


The ES1 Pro-L is the LSM (limited speed motorcycle) and is limited to 70 km/h. All you need is a regular driver’s license. The continuous power of LSM is limited to 1.5kW but on demand for acceleration and hill climbing reaches the same peak power of the ES1 Pro-M If you do have a motorcycle driver’s license, then ES1 Pro-M is the one for you. With five-kilowatt continuous power motor and ten-kilowatt peak power it can reach a top speed of 100 km/h, fast enough to hop on the highway as well.

This rates the bike as 250CC ICE (internal combustion engine) equivalent but the immediate acceleration of the axial flux 5100RPM motor and the lack of gears give this bike better acceleration than its gas-powered counterparts. In other words, Tinbot’s throttle is simply twist and go. Just like riding a scooter, there’s no clutch to release, no gears to grind, no accidental wheelies off the line, but with its feather weight of 112 kg, you’ll enjoy amazing torque, and thrilling acceleration, even up the steepest hills. With its nimble handling, and comfortable ride, the Tinbot is the perfect city bike, but it’s also ready for adventure.


If there was ever a truly double duty bike, the Tinbot is it. It comes with 17 inch cast road wheels for the street, but for an extra $500CAD, you can buy the off-road wheel kit, (21 inch front/18 inch rear spoked wheels/knobby tires), and be a motocross hero on the weekends. Alternatively, you can buy the bike with off-road wheels and ride it on the road or on the trails. As the high torque is the priority for off-road riding the rear wheel can take a sprocket that would increase its torque by 40%.


Tinbot sports a pair of 72-volt 35 amp-hours batteries with 5KWH of total capacity packed in two removable boxes that you can charge away from the bike, if you want to park on the street. If there’s a regular outlet nearby, you can also charge the Tinbot directly from the top of the “tank.” With the fast charger, you can be fully charged in less than four hours, and ride for 120 km on the road, or up to four hours off road.

It has an LED headlight with daytime running lights and features a nice big LCD dash. If you want to keep your keys in your pocket, your bike will start with the press of a button, thanks to the RFD technology embedded in your fob.

BRAKES, One Lever to Stop Them All.

Instead of ABS, the Tinbot sports a combined braking system. That means when you grab that left break lever, you won’t be taking a dive, because front and rear vented disc brakes are activated simultaneously.


Tinbot’s suspension is very responsive. It has about the same ground clearance as the Zero FX and KTM Freeride electric motorbikes, more than enough for catching air on dirt tracks, but Transport Canada has certified Tinbot as a completely street legal motorcycle. The upside down forks on the front, and the rear shock on the rear are both adjustable.

Tinbot’s best feature is its price, which is a mere fraction of a Zero or Harley Davidson’s Livewire. Instead of spending 40K on one bike, you could buy five Tinbots and start your own electric motorcycle gang. Plus, its also eligible for all government rebates applicable for electric motorcycles. Take a Tinbot for a spin at any Greenwit dealer or from joulemotorcycles.com.

SOURCE Motorino Electric Cycles

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