Super Soco TC Wanderer


Eligible for $1,915 BC Rebate

Classified as Limited Speed Motorcycle (LSM) in Canada with max speed of 70kmh.

Eligible for 33% rebate through CleanBC program.

Same road regulations apply for it as for 49CC motorcycles.

Available for local pickup only

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      Consolation price of $1,495 for TC Wanderer owners
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The Super Soco TC Wanderer is a limited-speed motorcycle (LSM) that reaches a maximum speed of 72 km/h, with 1.5 kW continuous power and 3.5 kW peak power. The best part is that no motorcycle driver’s license is required to ride it.

The bike’s aesthetics are further enhanced by a digital-analogue speedometer, upside-down front fork with silver finish, large alloy wheels, and dual-sport tires that allow for both on-road and off-road use. The Super Soco TC Wanderer presents an appealing option for riders seeking a limited-speed motorcycle that combines modern design, practicality, and an enjoyable riding experience. With its electric powertrain, impressive range, and versatile capabilities, it caters to the needs of urban commuters and adventurers alike.



Equipped with a 2500W Super Soco engine, the TC Wanderer delivers a top speed of 45 mph and 2.5 kW of emission-free power, comparable to a small urban bike or scooter. It can be ridden with regular driver’s license and is particularly suitable for new motorcyclists. The motor is positioned in the rear wheel hub and draws its energy from two ATL-made 60V, 32A (1.92 kWh) battery packs, providing a total energy storage capacity of 3.84 kWh. With a single battery, the TC Wanderer offers a range of up to 40 miles, which doubles with the optional secondary dual battery, resulting in a range of 100 km. The parallel battery system optimizes electric energy utilization and enhances overall power output.



The Super Soco TC Wanderer is equipped with a single disc front brake featuring CBS (Combined Braking System) and four-piston radial calipers. The rear brake is also a single disc with dual-piston calipers. Its front suspension consists of an inverted telescopic fork, while the rear suspension features a mono-shock setup. The bike rides on alloy wheels, with a front tire size of 90/80-17 and a rear tire size of 110/70-17. Both tires are tubeless, ensuring convenience and reliability.




17” BOSCH 1500W Nominal, 3500W peak power, 180Nm peak torque

Motor Controller

External 3rd generation FOC with dynamic vector control algorithm for speed/torque ratio BMOS connected and controlled electronic components

Max Speed


Max Torque

180 Nm at 450rpm


Standard Battery Pack

60V 32AH Panasonic Lithium-Ion battery pack

Optional Battery Pack

Additional 60V 32AH Panasonic battery pack for double range

Power System Protection

85A resettable circuit breaker, low-voltage cut-out (by controller), Battery protected by BMS

Standard Charger

Li-Ion outboard, 60V 8A Automatic Charger, 120VAC input 3.5-hour charge time per battery

12V Subsystem Converter

DC/DC 60V<12V 10A (powers all lighting and accessory outlet)

User-removable Battery


USB Charging Port


CBS Hydraulic Brake System

Right Lever – activates 240mm front and rear brake
Left Lever – activates 180mm rear disk hydraulic brake


Electric Brakes

Regenerative, acting on rear wheel (via hub motor), triggered by front or rear brake actuation

Front Suspension

Inverted 700mmX35mm twin internal hydraulic shocks with 200mm travel distance

Rear Suspension

Adjustable trailing arm over spring/hydraulic shock

Front Wheel

MT 1.5X17cast Aluminum alloy

Front Tire

90/80 -17” tubeless motorcycle grade DOT-spec

Rear Wheel

MT 2.5×17” Aluminum alloy with integral 12” BOSH motor

Rear Tire

110/70-17” tubeless motorcycle grade DOT-spec



Racing type engineered, split concept Carbon steel/ 2024 Aluminum Alloy


ABS composite, epoxy paint

Foot rests

6 positions for rider, adjustable in height for passenger


Padded, double place, 76cm (30”) above ground


Classic/LCD bright dashboard displays Current speed, Total mileage, Error codes, Real time output current, Battery State of Charge, trip distance and remaining distance, Ambient temperature and current time.

Safety Equipment

Automatic Light mode estimating the ambient light for the right intensity
Dual rear-view mirrors, horn, dual high/low beam automotive grade LED headlights with running light, front and rear turn signals, tail light, brake light
License plate light
Hazard lights, LED headlight bulb with focusing optic


Keyless start, Built-in vibration sensitive alarm system with two remote controls, steering lock, Electronic lock of the rear wheel


Top Speed

70km/h as per LSM regulations


Mode Range Double Battery
Eco mode (45 km/h) 89 km 180 km
Normal (62 km/h) 70 km 140 km
Sport (70km/h) 55 km 110 km

Climbing Ability

Load Incline[%] Degree
[Kg] [Lbs]
60 132 50 26 Deg
75 165 48 22 Deg
90 198 40 18 Deg
105 231 33 15 Deg
120 264 27 12 Deg

*Results are based of 75kg load no change at the speed on hills


Weight (Without Battery Pack)

89kg (186lb)

Battery Pack Weight

13.5kg (30lb)


132cm (52”)

Seat height

74cm (29”)

Overall Length

204cm (80”)

Maximum Payload Capacity, Including Rider(s)

160 kg (350 lb)

Optional Accessories

GPS tracker
Rear rack
Storage box
Rain cover
Hand protectors


Super Soco TC Wanderer User Manual
Super Soco TC Wanderer User Manual
Super Soco TC Wanderer Spare Parts
Super Soco TC Wanderer Spare Parts

Super Soco TC Wanderer