Introducing Kollter DS1 Pro – Reinventing Electric Dirt Biking with Unprecedented Power and Innovation

Kollter DS1 Pro shines in the electric enduro space, crafting a synergy between age-old biking passion and modern innovation.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, October 26, 2023 / — In an era where electric enduro bikes are significantly reshaping the dynamic dirt bike industry, Kollter unveils its outstanding creation – the DS1 Pro. This model stands as a beacon of technological brilliance and innovative design in the electric dirt biking realm. As the electric enduro bike industry undergoes considerable evolution, Kollter presents the DS1 Pro, showcasing pioneering design coupled with advanced technical prowess.

The future is electric, we’re not far from starting series production” – — Claudio Domenicali, Ducati’s CEO – 2019

A Rapid Electrification of the Enduro Segment: From the rise and subsequent fall of Alta Motorsport in 2016 to the prevailing influence of Sur-ron, the electric dirt bike sector has experienced groundbreaking shifts, underscored by major technological and sustainable improvements. Numerous manufacturers have played pivotal roles in this progress, introducing the market to cutting-edge electrical off-road solutions.

• Kollter:
A Paradigm of Robust and Efficient Electric Motorcycles: Originating in Frankfurt, Germany, and founded as Tinbot Technology GmbH in 2017, Kollter quickly became a byword for sturdy and efficient electric motorcycles. When they broke into the North American market in 2018 with their dual-sport ES1Pro, Kollter solidified its reputation as a dominant player, fusing practical commuting with a thrilling off-road experience. With speeds of up to 120 km/h and an impressive city range of 120km per charge, the ES1Pro captivated enthusiasts, garnering praise for its cost-effectiveness and functional design.

• DS1 Pro:
A Fusion of Creativity and Elite Performance: The launch of DS1 Pro introduces an inventive approach to electric dirt biking, incorporating a four-geared gearbox with a clutch, a feature commonly found in gasoline motorbikes. Addressing the industry’s concerns about weight, power, and range balance in electric enduro bikes, the DS1 Pro stands out with its harmonious mix of potent performance and smart energy consumption. It boasts a 5 kWh removable battery, a 20 KW motor, and a 4-speed manual gearbox that channels a staggering 950Nm of torque to the rear wheel via chain drive. This not only puts it in league with the 60 kW Stark Varg but also significantly surpasses the torque output of the Sur-ron Storm Bee. Due to the torque multiplication achieved by its gears, every kilowatt of motor power produces 50 Nm of torque. In contrast, gearless electric dirt bikes generally reach 15-20 Nm. This enhancement nearly triples the battery’s life without compromising performance. Furthermore, the DS1 Pro is equipped with a swappable battery, sophisticated traction control, and a unique reverse gear, firmly positioning it as a groundbreaking model in its category.

• Leaving a Lasting Impression:
Just five years ago, persuading a seasoned dirt bike enthusiast to transition to an electric model might have seemed impossible. However, with the emergence of trailblazers like Alta Motors and Sur-Ron, the skepticism surrounding electric bikes has started to wane. The narrative about electric dirt bikes is evolving as rapidly as the technology itself. Even staunch supporters of traditional dirt biking confess to being astonished by the torque and speed of the Kollter DS1Pro.

• Envisioning a High-Octane Future:
Despite their relatively short development timeline, electric dirt bikes are not only matching but often surpassing their traditional counterparts. Kollter confidently charts its course in the electric enduro bike landscape, building upon the groundwork laid by pioneers such as Alta Motors and Sur-ron. It envisions a future teeming with sustainable, high-performance off-road biking. By integrating time-tested engineering methodologies into the rapidly advancing electric two-wheeler sector, Kollter bridges a century-old legacy of motorcycle engineering with the burgeoning era of sustainable dirt biking. The DS1 Pro isn’t just an environmentally-friendly alternative—it heralds the onset of an era where electric dirt bikes can challenge, and even best, their internal combustion engine (ICE) rivals.

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The Kollter DS1Pro features four manual gears which provide high torque and high speed without sacrificing its range

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